09 September 2010

Step up 3 in 3D

that is my most expensive movie I have ever watch in my life -____- 

I presented my student card and it cost me $21 (additional a dollar for the 3D glasses - so if you are going to watch bring your own and save $1). With the currency conversion, total of RM61 after rounding up. huhu!! The thing is, when I was studying in KL, a movie cost RM10 also I complained and try my best to avoid going to cinema (lucky I am not those movie chaser). IMAX 3D would cost like RM15 and I never even been one before in Malaysia. The reason being is I rather spend the money on good food =.= Since I have been quite kiap siap in KL, I don't think I want to bring that attitude to here now (sorry dadsy,mumsy,bro & sis). If I really don't spend here, I don't think I am going anywhere! I promise to pay back when I work ;)

Talking about 3D, I cried like thrice throughout the movie. It's very inspiring at some part especially on how determine were the dancers in the movie (and that prompted me to write the previous post). In my heart, I am begging for that kind of optimistic attitude >.< Really I am that desperado! One thing I comprehend very well is other people's problem I can actually advised them most of the time but when it comes to my own shits, I will end up moody, discourage, depress and perhaps crying. Just shoot me on my head now. Of all expression, I would cry but it can't solve problem. I always knew that deep within me but I would still cry. Dumbo. LOL!

And I am really quite slow in responding especially when things happen to me or someone scolded me for something. Then after the scene, I recalled back I would say "why I am so dumb, why don't I just scold her back". It's my neuron in the brain and mouth couldn't connect fast enough to strike back! Like when my mobile got stole in front of my eyes, the normal reaction is to see anything beside you or a rock to throw on the thief right? I would be standing there froze for like 10 seconds with tears started forming while looking at the thief ran away and by the time I gained my civilization, I would scream for help. Anyway, I am just that silly sometimes.

Oh well, everyone should watch Step Up 3. I love the good selections of music with the unexpectable background - warehouse. There is one thing that people don't know that I actually love to dance but it is always not pursue for the thought of not having good friends to dance together and there wasn't any nice dance studio back home. I got so many wants to do in life but never got them in my hands like taking part in competitions representating my school or my state and being one of the editorial board in school. I am 22 this year and what do I really want in my life now?

Any suggestions? What kind of jobs you think would suit me or what kind of life or ideal man? I am going way too much now. HAHA! But anyway, thanks for your contribution in my comment box ;)

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Sista said...

pay what la.. no one ask you to pay anything k.

anyway, here i am. the first and only one who comment. it's getting more and more boring. ;P

i would say live each day and you'll discover what suits you, moreover you haven't graduate yet. plenty of time to sort out your priorities.