28 September 2010

Spring is the awesomest weather!

Great stuff must be share. Therefore my logo proves it all - Sharing is Caring.

I took this last week. The flowers are booming brightly. So beautiful~

 Spring is the best season and I am loving it so much. I felt like I just came alive again from darknest days.

I just took the photos below in less than an hour.

 The pavement that I need to walk everyday except weekends, unless I need too. I walked twice a day, to uni and back. And I took this photo just now with my mobile because the weather is great. 

That's me. In September. After 7 months away from comfort zone.

Are you telling me that I've already put on weight? Look at my face, a little meaty now. I know. Don't remind me again.

Concentrate on the flowers. There just look good. I am only the background. haha!

 This look amazing.


Now I should update about you my ankle condition.

Is it getting better? Taken this morning. It still hurts :( 

But Spring is taking away my :( and replacing it with :D yay!

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