04 February 2010

EOE [dot] com [dot] my

Too Good To Be True! It is happening in Malaysia! ;)

The good news to share about is Freebies. WHO DON'T LIKE FREEBIES? YOU TELL ME!

Everyone love freebies including me.

EOE is having a contest running in their website. And I think it is a good thing to let you know if you had not known yet.

"eoe Online at www.eoe.com.my is an online photo portal filled with lots of fun and excitement for users. Other than a wide range of photographic products available for online shopping, users are also able to order for prints online instantly and conveniently." - Quoted from the website.

I must summarize the quote to show you what is so great about EOE!

"lots of fun & excitement for users" - Bring your mouse to the photo funs category. See so many things to do. Can comment and rate photo also; can share your views or skills too. Either you are too bored will all-the-same-kind-of-wallpaper, go download new ones. Some more, can participate on going contest. No harm, no regrets! Must try!

"photographic products available for online shopping" - So you wanna upgrade yourself with a better camera? Just a few clicks away by just sitting down and do your online shopping. Not too sure? Search for camera reviews & comparison before purchasing. It is more than enough sufficient for you before you buy! Don't you think so? All are within a website. Need not open many browsers! As easy as ABC! No people to bother you, in your comfort, pick whatever you like and have them deliver to your doorstep. 'Ding Dong, EOE delivery!' ;)

"prints online instantly and conveniently" - Malaysians norm to bring our photos save in thumbdrive to photo shops for printing services. Think smart! Save time do it online, so convenient. Avoid traffic jams, searching for parkings, parking fees, petrol and time. TIME IS GOLDEN! The photos must have arrived before you even realized. Okay, let's see how fast it will arrive.

Photo printing highlight.

The online promotion is still going on! No minimum quantity required. 4R print at RM 0.30 & 5R at RM 0.50! Delivery rate here. If you print more than RM35 enjoy free delivery. Most of you have over 100 of photos to print. Trust me! Browse through you Picture gallery! Until you count one by one, sure faint one. Hahaha!

Headache if payment method? Common!! Easy pitsy. 3 choices available for you to choose from credit card to Maybank2u or Bank-in to their account and fax in the slip. Which ever you feel comfortable with and convenient you.

What are you still waiting for! Go visit their website now! Now! I said Now!

Oh wait a minute, if you are a malaysian blogger too, take part in this. Complimentary of 50x4R and 2x8R photos. Interesting!

I want to choose my 50 pictures now. Most buti-ful ones! Show you when I get them. This is fast & easy!!!


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