04 February 2010

Arrive Taiwan

Itinerary : Around hotel area & Ximending

The journey from BKI to TPE took about 3hours and 20 minutes. It is LONG! *sigh* But for the sake of shopping, food & holiday, 3 hours meh 3 hours lah!!!

Barely sleep the night before. Fell sleep at 1am. Woke up at 4am because the flight was 6am. Terrible!! I thought the flight might not be full. Amazing! Uncles & Aunties even arrived earlier than me with herbal eggs and chocolates for breakfast at the airport. *shallow

Took a bus to Taipei Main station that cost NTD125 per person. Another 1 hour ride. Take a taxi, 3 minutes to the hotel. Left our luggage at the reception (because check in time is 12pm) and went for lunch.

Reading Let's be Friend handbook for Youth travelers. Get this at the airport for discount.

The Taiwan signature dish : Beef Noodle Soup NTD 110

Dried Beef with Noodle Soup NTD 140

Side Dishes. Didn't try. Don't think I would like them anyway.

Not very tasty pun! maybe not suitable for Malaysians tongue. WTH! hahah!

Amazing Soya Bean!

It wrote coffee...but its soya bean ok...

Then, checked in and zoom, slept for 2 hours. Feeling super tired and got running nose.

Woke up and walked to Ximending. Youth best known place for foods & clothes. One of the many attractions.

Along the way, spotted 2 stalls.

1) Juice Stall

Bought strawberry juice for NTD 40

Enjoying the strawberry juice at the walkway

2) Stinky Tofu & Deep fried chicken stall

I am so dumb ok. Can't read what is the stall selling. Really having alot of FML almost everywhere.

Bought sticky tofu for NTD 30

Walk 2minutes down and bought this. Dunno what is it called. Like Doreamon donut.

I think the topping was something with cheese

Bun with toppings inside. Can choose, chocolate, tuna, Strawberry and etc.

Nah, this is Ximending. Vibrant and lively. All the young people hang out here.

Too busy walking, didn't get to snap many pictures. And then tired again.

Resting my feet

I went searching for Ah Chung Mien Sien stall. It was review as one of the must try food. No tables & chairs, I see this for the first time. Must stand and eat!

Reluctantly, many still eat also. If in Malaysia, I think the stall wait to be closed. No tables & chairs, who wants to eat oh!

The mien sien, also didn't find it that delicious as per review. Maybe not suitable for Malaysians tongue. Again, WTH!

Marion Crepes. I *heart* THIS MAX! I went back on the fourth day but it was closed *sob

To end the day,

That's where I bought my supper which you saw me eating in my room at my previous post. ;)

End of the day. Not very productive! More next post!


bong said...

yes this is wat i've been waiting for... more taiwan food pls...

sooclara said...

u will see more..dont worry! ehehe