14 July 2008

Away from City

I mentioned yesterday, I would drive off city ... This morning I went, all alone, in the road for about 40 minutes plus minus. It was fun even I don't really 100% sure of the way to my destination.

provide you some nice photos...very picturesque~~

For no reason, I don't feel hot walking here...

ladylike, you drive out of city because of this view? SIAO ARRR!!??!!

*ahem*ahem* it's one of the good news~~

I want a massage!!!!

:( No money!!!

Look at some konon hot guys chasing over a ball.

Then this caddy driving around to sell cold drinks.

There isn't anyone though, sell to who???!!! Curi tulang, enjoying sea view??


there are people behind the caddy.

A little outbreak, this isn't the great news of all....but at least it is to me.

You don't know where is this??? Some hints.

Do you know this road with landscaped flowers? mmm.....

Still don't know? Yes? No?

Last pic :

I'm sure you know by now.

Coming up next : HUHUHU!!! I've been secretive lately, hehehe!! My new outlook is still pending, and my greatest good news. owwwhhh!! Okay, maybe my next post will be my new look...people just can't wait because my hair was really long and what I've changed into now? mmm....

.be patient.good things always have to wait.


Mei-Wah said...

wah~~~ i lurve karambunai too... heavenly place to be... :)

p/s: you got tagged!!! hehehehe...

sooclara said...

hehe! o0o0o...tag me arr!! later i will do it.so damn hard questions laa..