02 March 2008

Hot chics in Kota Kinabalu

33 25 36 ?

32 24 35?

32 24 32? This is the most excellent body measurement of a sexy lady? *shrugs* because myself doesn't have such figures! =S

Have you been longing to have such sizes? I'm sure it is every girl's dream. I'm not here to tell you about diet... I would if I did take up dietary study at first but I didn't. Too bad! Anyway, Miss Sabah 2008 is now on search! I mean Sabah, is to say not only from Kota Kinabalu City itself but from all places which falls at the Dog's head map.

Are you interested to see hot chics? If you do then don't miss out the selection on 3rd March, this Monday at The Bed at 8pm.

I asked some girl friends to go look look see see. Their reaction

"Huh? go see girls ar?? fun or not?" or either

"arrrr...muk liang moi (peek beautiful girls)??!!"

Alright, I understand we are girls, so we aren't excited to see though. But anyway, if I turn up for the night, then you will hear from me in my next post.

Heading to bed
Clara Soo

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