04 March 2008

Apply The SECRET

** I did make it for the Ms. Sabah 2008. Later in my next post, mid of compiling pictures.

When I said secret, what secret are you thinking about?

I was on work the other day, met a professional trainer whom gives talk around Malaysia. Learned something that would be useful to our life. Sometimes, we are just off our tracks in the chopping waves and enjoyed the challenge. But..at times, when you had enough, you go " Fine, I want to have a stable life".

In common, people do not know that heart functions more than just giving us life. It actually plays another part as a guider in our life journey. Let us read some hearts facts before we go any further into the philosophy.

I was to understand that the centroid of a human is the heart with match with the real. The heart should be controlling the mind (appeared to be unreal) because your heart knows you better. However in our living, we are usually adapt to our mind because our mind is influence by the world.

In that case, you are allowing your mind to take control of you rather than your heart. But in fact, your heart makes 40% wiser decisions compare to your mind. Conclusion, you always have to listen to your heart and let your heart to take control of your mind at any time.

My friend questioned me " You are saying heart, do you mean by emotions? "
To be frank, I'm not sure of it but from my point of view it doesn't mean emotion alone. Let's say smoking. Your heart definitely agree that smoking brings harm to your lungs, but your mind think that it will be alright to have some, or either I drink lots of coconut later on would prevent from inviting lung cancer.

Maybe you are not thinking from what I'm thinking. It's alright! I'm not going to say my statement is absolutely right, you may have your own theory or perceptive. Here's a 20 minutes video ( I know it's quite long, but do watch ) , it is more on focusing the emotions and thoughts.

Quite scary at the beginning, but wait till the last bit.

It takes time to put into practices. Some may find it, some may not! Hope you have excitement in tasting( you don't need to search because it is implant in you) the law of attractions you want in your life journey.

All the best in tasting
Clara Soo

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