06 March 2008

Consulting a doctor

Disclaimer : Politically neutral. No intention of discriminating.

I've been taking drugs since last two weeks...from syrups to pills, but I'm not getting full recovery yet. I wonder who put a
SPELL on me?! I'm coughing very badly especially during the crack of dawn. My mother has been pushing me to consult a doctor since I'm taking the drugs that doesn't give any effect to my body system. Who isn't phobia of doctors? I really don't like to be examined by doctors and finally get your medicine, indeed I rather have medication at home and rest. Lately, it doesn't work in my illness cases so far.

I always consult a private doctor when I encountered sickness. There was once last year, I went to University Malaya Hospital for a consultation due to my skin and fever that never subsided referred by the private clinic in Sunway. That was then my first experience to be examined by a government doctor.

After being nagged and feared of contradicting any serious illness, at last I'm convinced to see a doctor. Election is just around the corner. ( I am illegal , underage to vote ) Just so you know, politicians of every parties is doing good works for the people to increase their voting tickets on the 8th March this Saturday. Thinking about this, I thought the government clinics and hospitals will be doing extremely well to offer their excellent rated , ooppss... I mean average service better than the usual services you may get. Besides, I'm not rushing either to any where, to be on time, I decided to go to the Klinik Kesihatan Luyang as an alternative option.

You may have a clue on my onwards talking nonetheless I'm still eager to say something. I bet my readers here, majority didn't patron to government clinics before. How many people are walking in and out of the clinic everyday, and yet there are only 32 parkings available for public? Where are the rest going to park? I don't see any appropriate parking that we are able to squeeze in around the clinic surrounding unless you park in Heritage and walk all the way into the clinic! It sounds ridiculous to me. Lucky me, I found a parking after few minutes waiting.

Registration counters were quite efficient.

I went for general doctor for my coughing and also dentist for my teeth. I got my teeth check up for less than 15 minutes! The moment I lay my buttocks on the chair equipment, the dentist asked "Which tooth is pain?". I replied " No pain, just checking ". The dentist did her work on my teeth standing. Done! " Ok, done you may go now ". They didn't tell me which tooth is having sign of cavity or more caution to this tooth because it show sign of the filling is starting to loose. ( Typically, private dentists do show, like mine did, giving me a mirror, pointing at the tooth and the area need to be taken care off )

Then proceeded to the general doctor. While sited on the corridor, waiting for my number to be called, something tiny crawling on the tiles to be seen.

There you go. Cockroach appeared directly in front of my feet, acting not afraid of human. Should be coming from the dustbin.

What is this? The general waste isn't being clear on daily basis? No cleaners on duty? Maybe I'm all wrong because our house do have cockroaches at times and we don't know where it is coming from. Clinic should emphasize on the cleanliness to the public, alert us the importance of keeping clean.

With nothing to do, television is provided in one particular area to entertain us. Either you prefer reading, you look for magazines or any readings materials available.

!!! Bookshelf with nothing... *not surprise though*

The alley and the big-dull-blue door with individual field doctors inside.

The room I entered

Just as I entered, the doctor blew me!!!

"So apa masalah? Awak mengandung??!!" (what's your problem. You pregnant??!!) --sarcastic tone--
**WHATTT!! The letter wrote I was having cough when I did registration. DUMBO!! Maybe she thinks that I shouldn't be consulting here, go get a private doctor kind of attitude!**

After both consultations, finally I can get my drugs at the pharmacy. Again, I needed to take number. 4 counters of medicine distribution but only 2 were attending the people!!! Frustrated!!

I went to ask why only 2 counters on duty. You would have know " Yang lain sedang resting. Kau tunggu saja" (The other are having their breaks. Wait for your turn. Just wait)

Look, so many people waiting for their turn man...aren't you guys breakdown to see many in pain while you jollily having your break?! Maybe should have shifts for the staff. Don't leave people unattended for long.

Waited almost an hour to get my medicines. Not enough sits for patients, I offered my sit to a mother carrying a baby. ( Ai seh...being considerate! hehehe..)

After 2 hours and 30 minutes getting all done, should I SHUT UP because both consultations and medicine only cost me RM 3. I'm serious!!

Damn cheap hor??!!

The price you pay for the quality of services you get. So if you can't wait, can't stand the pain, can't wait for your next appointment ( depends, maybe a month or more either on waiting list ), you are definitely not coming here!

.Too many drugs to consume.


Anonymous said...

hey, u just reviewed ur home address. B 70, Luyang...

sooclara said...

luyang is big...