21 February 2008

Responsible Tourism

Going on holiday has become a trend nowadays. Though you are earning little but you would slightly save up some money to opt for a budget holiday. Who doesn't want to get away for awhile from what you are currently doing?

Sunrise, sunset, nothing to worry and surely everything appear to be beautiful in your eyes. Everything is left behind, certainly in search to lay back, relax, enjoy every second to achieve the maximum satisfaction. Who would care to become a responsible tourists? The earth needs people like us to save the world. See what you can do to be a responsible traveler by clicking here.

Due to my profession, I do some tourism readings when I'm boring ( I admit, I only read sites like this when I am left with nothing to do). Somehow, it is quite interesting to know what is happening around us that we didn't spare a minute or two to listen, it is because we used to think there's million people out there who would be giving a hand, minus you doesn't make a big difference. If everyone thinks like this, then minus one by one, how many is left?

Another interesting site; a way to raise awareness to the public and getting involve in the International Ecotourism society.

Okay lahhh...it may be a burden for you to take up a responsibility in any of the organizations. Why don't we start to act responsible in our daily living or during traveling? Example, don't throw rubbish out of your car window even it is only a sweet wrapper (many of us do this!!!). Break that attitude, you are helping much by doing so.

Reward yourself for a better living by practicing your responsibilities.

Do right, think right
Clara Soo

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