20 February 2008

CNY - Day 10

The 10th Day of CNY, our stomach did not stop saying NO to scrumptious food. Our staring for tonight is my relatives from Australia.

We held a dinner at Mayflower Restaurant, Bundusan.

Chinese are always superstitious about things like no sweeping the floors during the first day of CNY in order to remain the wealth in the house, wearing red underwear during gambling will make you win and many many more...Some are just really funny like ladies shouldn't sing in the kitchen because they would not get married in future.

Since this lunar year is the Year of Rat, I would probably hear; if the rats come into your house, you shouldn't kill them, they bring wealth and joy to your house. Or even more hilarious, we should rear the rats...

In conjunction of CNY, the restaurant served something special. The Buddhist believe in Feng Shui and Fortune Teller. As I watched many Hong Kong dramas before, I remembered the Buddhist practiced the Kau Cim to request answers for the scared oracle lot. Each sticks indicate a meaning.

The restaurant is a bit different. It presents us a Fortune Cookie! The waiters and waitresses would distribute these fortune cookies to each clients on their plate. Each Fortune Cookie has a paper inside. The prediction of your future would imprint on the tiny oblong piece of paper.

Cookie wrapper, looks nice and inviting~ whispering to your ear "Open me!! Open me!!"

The cookie. You can eat it...I'm serious

Inserted the tiny oblong piece of paper

Read "There is a romance and mystery in your future" (that's what I got!) with the lucky number 6818 ( if you are buying 4D, please share the money with me when you won because I blessed you the number :p )

Everyone so excited with the tiny paper with red words typed neatly on it.

My aunt purposely wear spec just to read the future prediction. Keep asking why no numbers on her paper. Laugh Out Loud!! Not all paper consist numbers. Am I lucky? Okay, now you may convince to buy 4D...right??!! (don't be so stingy ahhh if win, divide half..hehehe)

The cookies are presented on the tables to welcome our arrival. Sounds cool, complimentary gifts from the restaurant since it is CNY!! Brought us the Chinese atmosphere for a chinese dinner in a chinese decorated style of dining. You are very WRONG...all of us were so wrongggg...!!! One small cookie with the unbelievable future prediction cost RM 0.45~~ You need to pay...you are charged RM 0.45!! yes, you need to pay although it just cost a few cents!

The dishes for the night.

The stewed pork appeared to be the popular dish for the night (although I didn't like much)

After 15 minutes

Almost everything gone..left some vege and one healthy fat skin

After 5 minutes

All gone

See...pretty fast. Don't you think so?! And I got this part

Fat Fatten Fatty...hehe! If I eat this, I will end up having cholesterol (it doesn't mean I'm skinny, I won't get it..)

Another good dish...

Sandwich anyone?

It's not a sandwich lahh..Layer Beancurd...test like tofu

Makan Makan
Clara Soo

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