17 February 2008


I emailed the writer for TheStar newspaper on the article which I posted few days ago. I insisted him for an answer of the picture taken.

The feedback that I received is what you would have think off in your mind right now. Believe it or not?

I send this to him

The next day, I had this from him

So he still said the picture is taken in Miri. Does he understand my email or was I confusing in the email? mmm...I wasn't quite satisfied with his reply and ....

...I emailed again

In the end, his respond was..

What do you think? Who is suppose to be blame? If the writer is right, then the sub editors would be blamed? To make everything short, he gave the Headquaters number. I reckon if I would to make the calls, no one would raise their hands to admit for the picture editing job.

Since the sub editors happily picked a picture from the files to match the article, for sure we knew they didn't know Miri and Kota Kinabalu well. And...the editors were from the West, as I mentioned in my previous post they can't differentiate the Burung Kenyalang(Sarawak) and Orang Utan(Sabah) states.

I read this article some time last year. I find this blog to be quite interesting. The writer proves how the Malaysians mistaken Sabah and Sarawak and his view on happening issues.

After reading my post on Sabah and Sarawak and also the blog I linked, I hope you did learn something new.

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Clara Soo

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