25 February 2008

The Circle, Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu

As promised, this post is dedicated to my soul mate, Rosdiana, also my cousin.

One that I had shared my entire life with, until today, although we are from different colours, different background, different interest but still you hold a piece of puzzle in my life picture. And how did we stick close in heart for such big differences? I, myself didn't understand the chemistry in work, but God brought us here!

A birthday blast were thrown to her in The Circle restaurant, Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu.

360 degree view of the circle restaurant (click image for better viewing)

There's always a reason to name a place or a person, indeed anything on earth, same goes to this restaurant. The story lies behind with the unique shape of presenting cuisines at the middle spot of the restaurant. You may see food are served on both side following its contours, on your right is the main course and your left is the appetizer together with the desserts. On the center, you could have your fruits and kuih-muih. (Malay local delicacies) I like the presentation style, as you need not have to stretch your hands forward to get what you want, all is at your reach yet convenient path.

The whole eating session had nothing to be screamed about because it is just normal to me. 5 stars hotel charging a buffet dinner for an adult at only RM 55++. What do you expect? Salmon? Lobster? *knock your head* The only part that caught me to endless craving - the desserts. There were too nice to be eaten and too nice to be touched!

if you are not worry of calories, go ahead

The same old tradition - Birthday Song. I wouldn't rate them to be outstanding but at least some staff did the singing too. Comparing the Fish & Co. restaurant in Warisan Square which I had my birthday there, they really sing with their own written lyrics of Fish & Co. special birthday song. We occupied 3 tables in the restaurant, actually we could make performance for the night. *Winkz* (Diana, we should make one, maybe on your dad or mum's celebration...hehe with the cucu cicit- grandchildren)

Happy 21 years old Diana!! 2 kilograms of Double Choc Moist Cake


The cake was a little too dry. But to chocolate fans, this would be surely acceptable. The highly recommended cake is this and Blueberry Cheesecake. ( Diana, we wanted the cheesecake but afraid our nephews and nieces don't take. Indeed I knew you are very much INTO chocolate, so I chose this) RM 70++ per kilo. Ain't cheap huh?! Can you guess how much our dinner cost?!


RM 1842.88 fed 22 adults and 4 children

Let's look at the decorations around the lobby area.

So when I just about to take pictures around the lobby area...everyone aim directly in me?! Everyone utter "Come come, take picture here, I stand here", ' Come here, I want to take picture with who who..." and there goes the photos.. ( Don't mind the posers okay?)

The lobby - "moi fa" (Chinese name of the flower) with spectacular red light shinning bringing light to the lobby rather than the usual yellow brightness

Upon entering The Circle Restaurant. The "lau sang" (longevity meal)

Just a few captions, the running around kids all gathered below my waist craning their neck to see the Cybershot camera, I'm holding. In fact, they wanted to take pictures so so so much...

Yes, I've got many nephews... but 1 niece! Hehe...

I remembered when we were young, Diana loves to write. Just gives her a pen and a paper. I, on the other hand would scribble poems usually. So before I end my post, here you go a poem that I wrote specially for you ( I really try my best to make it in Malay purposely although I do better in English) some thing that I never do for a long long time.

Dari dunia berlainan,
Bertemu juga pada masa yang diizinkan,
Entah rahsianya apa,
Mungkin jodoh namanya.

Sekali temu, cerita tak berhabisan,
Biar pun jauh, kita ingat hari 13 dan 20,
Tanda kebanggaan kita bersama,

Clara Soo

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