29 February 2008


*cough* *cough*

I had been sick for the past few days due to my weak antibody, I caught cold. Then the strong virus react inside me...attacked by sore throat, fever and cough!! I've been easily fall sick recently, what happen to me? *slaps forehead*

Anyway, while I was sick, I spent my Chap Goh Mei at home while people enjoying tossing orange, I don't know where, seeking for their love of life. One of my previous attachment employer told me, just tossed it at the longkang (drain) in front of my house. Laugh Out Loud!

For staying back for most of the days, I've been put into a kid hood because Samuel, which is less than 2 years old had me to play with. So sweet? Yes, it was... to act the cute faces when I'm 20 years old. Don't mind the strength because he pushed my stress away with his SWEET smile and laugh.

He is so cute! He can't speak properly yet...all he said was like " gugu gaga" and he practice hand shakes a lot, what a gentle boy. So, I've been the "so called" babysitter for this boy. The reason why I became his caretaker because his mother was on another delivery. Exactly, another new
family member.

And this is Ryan was delivered during the wee hours, weighing the heaviest among his siblings. He is in the pink of health as you can see the smile craved on his mouth even when he was asleep. I didn't break this happy news to any of my friends...apparently, I received an SMS from a friend wishing me congratulation.

Clueless?! Ka Seng said he was a VIP, that's why he knew it...It's a good news anyway, so I'm sharing it with you here.

Still getting well from sick
Clara Soo

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Brenda said...

Our cute lil' cousins, wait till they grow up, gain access to the internet and read your blog. they will be impress!