05 February 2008

Hanoi, Vietnam

I don't know what to post, so I went to dig in "My Pictures" and see what I could show you. Here it is, about my study trip to Hanoi, Vietnam last year together with my fellow classmates. Let me show you some pictures of the food preparation. These are what you could see by paying a visit to the wet market.

Barbecuing meat

Preparing chicken meat

Slaughtering the chicken

How do the "kopitiam"(Coffee Shop) look like? Let's see...

Passing by the old quarters; built during the war period, the quarters serve as a shop and house. Products are sold on the walkway and we could see inside the shops..and its actually a house. They eat, drink and food are cook and display for sales at the road side. It was so cute to see them sit on kindergarden tables and chairs for the meals. I didn't try out the food though.

Then, we went for a Professional Visit to Hoa Sua College fully funded by the French Government.

Egg tarts

The bread were made by the students. There were real and for sale to the public. We were served by the students for a lunch meal in their training school.

The food that they prepared for us

For our whole trip, we were taken to restaurants for our meals. One dish that won't be missing in every of our meals was...

We had been eating spring rolls non-stop for five consecutive days...however none of us pass out. Laugh Out Loud! Not bad ya?! Though my group of friends doesn't look like people that fancy about food, but actually we do!!!

One particular food that we didn't try. The Asians would categorized as "so called" exotic food...

These were only snails...but they were worms too! I supposed I've deleted, grossy!

Our daily meals were just normal. But there had some sort of smell on them, Viet's aroma I supposed. Maybe it was because of the herbs they mixed in the meals.

Another food you shouldn't miss out is this...

Rice noodles

For those that lives in Kota Kinabalu, I bet you guys know the Peppermint Coffee Shop right? The rice noodles not really similar with what I had in Vietnam although Peppermint should be serving us the taste better, it is because the food already commercialize. If you tried in Vietnam, you would taste the herbs stronger.

Some mouth-watering food...

Chicken meat

Goat meat

Trisha aka Pumpkin posing with a crab...hehe!!

Last but not least, the Vietnam coffee. I am not good in drinking coffee, so I just tasted the coffee like any other back in Malaysia. According to my lecturer; a coffee drinker, the coffee was fabulous!!

Is there any second trip again?
Clara Soo

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