11 February 2008

Eat, Ate, Eaten

Fuuhhh!!! Chinese New Year is also the time not to stop eating~ Since the reunion dinner which fell on the 6 February until today...we are still eating a lot! HEHE! Alas, I still couldn't put on weight! :(

The food that we had for steamboat

After the dinner, I've difficulties in breathing, I'm serious!! It was because too full...Along with the steamboat, we had sparkling wine ( a bit mixture of western style ) to accompany the dishes.

First day of CNY, I went to church for the 8am service. Then proceeded to Promenade Hotel for Dim Sum breakfast. My gosshh... as you would know, it was fully crowded, customers queuing up to wait for their turn to dine. During the waiting, I went to the main entrance to see the unicorns.

The lions were nowhere insight, busy going around the hotel to welcome wealth and prosperity.

My stomach started to play drum inside, the lion dance performance was not on the go yet...at last, we've got our number called.

I wouldn't say the Dim Sum was good. Look, we only got these few...once the trays were pushed out from the kitchen, everything gone before it reached our table. *sigh* Everyone was like fighting for them!!

During the night, we had roasted duck, tofu. Then the following day, homemade Bah Kut Teh (pork cooked with chinese herb) dinner with the relatives.( no picture taken )

Of course all the Chinese wouldn't miss the tradition, red packets!!

As long as you are not married, you will have the privilege of receiving them from the married ones. So, don't ask me for "ang pow" because I'm NOT married yet...FOR NOW.

Neither would we miss playing

Mahjong or "La Mi". My sister, purposely posing there!!

Make sure you put on your red underwear to have overflowing luck! I didn't have one..that's why I lost...HEHEHE!!

Clara Soo

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Prachi said...

hey clara,
how r u...ur website is damn good, i m so proud of u. You r promoting malayisa so well. It almost made me cry when i saw those pictures,lol i miss malaysia so much lah. I am sure your website will make people think about those issues about which they do not think and also do not know how important these things are to make malaysia a paradise. Continue your good work. I am always there to support you like i used to when we were roommates. hehehe..chao....urs PrAcHi