10 July 2011

L & P

OOooo... what's that?!

Lemon & Paeroa. It's a name of a very popular drink in New Zealand. The origin of the drink is from the place called Paeroa and hence, it has lemon taste so that's where L & P came from. *tryingtobesmartass Well, I'm just saying and I am 95% sure, I am right.

On Sunday, we road trip to Whakatane, there's where my friend lives. The journey from Auckland to here takes about 3-4hours drive, non-stop. But because both of us are first timer and we kinda wanna see a few places, we took good 6 hours to reach. We started off around 2pm and reached like at 8pm!!! Because we were a bit silly and I didn't actually look at the map properly that I depended on my friend too much.

Anyway, the reason we took like 6 hours because our route went like this :-

Auckland - Hamilton - Paeroa - Whakatane

The red arrow is showing the direction to Whakatane.

Instead, we should had went Auckland - Paeroa - Hamilton - Whakatane. My friend thought Paeroa was after Hamilton (in her mind) but when we wanted to set of from Hamilton, we saw Paeroa is above Hamilton (from the map and GPS), which means we are traveling back Northeast and that will take another 1 hour to go!

I don't think it's a good idea to enroute back to the North coz the sky was getting darker and my friend insisted I should coz this place is the trademark for the NZ drink. Well, since she has a point and I am a tourist, why not??!!

By the time we arrived Paeroa, it's already like 6pm and the sun had set (>.<) and it was raining!!

This is the big ass logo of L & P. So you know why the reason we had to be here right?!!

Do what the girl's do best and marked : ladylike iz here wtf.

Just so you know, we purposely came here for this drink. Must revenge and take lots of piccies!!!

Taken with timer actually.

And then requested someone to take us. Take one.

Take two.

No take three. Coz the person handed back the camera and said "Hope you like it"!

Oohh, must buy at least one bottle. (Actually can buy it any where in NZ. There's a lot in the convenient store). I so wanna try it. I think it's like NZD 3.20 or something.

After purchasing, haven't try it yet and then went to take more photos. But now with additional icons. L&P drink and Paeroa brochure.

Which now I can do advertisement for them already ;p

The lighting was so bad!! Who cares as long as you can see the bottle and my figure. So enthusiatic like that ^^

The smallass version of L&P bottle is now sitting on my lap. Waiting for me to drink it. Slurrppp!!

Before slurping. More piccies in the car.

See this pic. The L&P shinning and glimmering all over our faces. LOLL!!

Finally. Drinking in the dark.

Becoz it's an hour journey which is more than 60km from Hamilton, the sun had set, the sky was upset and crying, the energy of my friend driving, the petrol, the NZD 3.20, I must be BIGASS HAPPY!




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Brenda said...

nice cap, nice boots, nice bag, nice jeans, nice drink, everything nice la!