06 July 2011

Forgetful dramas

Sorry have to delay my NZ post, just because I am so depressed and I hate myself! (and also winter school has started :((( )

I am so so mad with myself!!! Have you guys ever had such feeling? Seriously, there were so many forgetful dramas happened even before I flew off to NZ.

So it all started with contact lens. I purposely packed the smaller solution bottle which is more handy compare to the bigger ones. And it can save more luggage weight for my clothes. Checked.

Then I also packed extra contact lens holder in case I need to take them off in between sightseeing or even when I am driving (coz I knew we would drive alot). Checked.

See how I get so pre-planned and organized. But all above are useless when ...

I updated my fb status when I was in the airport waiting to check-in.

That concluded one drama.

Already started to get mad but stay calm.

Then I went to stay in Whakatane for a week. My bestie asked me to put in her Msia simcard into my mobile in case she needs to call me while I was touring (she works). So I did. I put in the Msia simcard and then my Oz simcard above the battery and trying to cap it with the casing. Failed. Coz the casing cannot fit. So I left the Oz simcard on the bookshelf coz it was time to sleep already, and didnt want to move since I was already in bed.

Until the week we were going to leave the house and go other places, I left my simcard. At the bookshelf. How mad can I not be??!! It was a good 6hours drive then I realized, shit I left my simcard.

It's ridiculous to drive back just for that bloody piece of technology. When I returned to Oz, I need to get a new simcard. Lucky it was free and I flew back on a Thursday night which means late night shopping so I can dropped by to pick up one.

That concluded another drama.

After the 6hours drive, we were at this town called, Whangarei. We spend like 3nights around the area. 2nights in my bestie's friend home and 1 night in a motel.

The last night in her friend's home, I left my pyjamas top and a tshirt in the bathroom. Ok, this is a very serious thing. How the hell I could leave my clothes behind when my friend and I checked the bloody house and bathroom twice????

I told myself that I shouldn't and couldn't left anything behind anymore because it had already happened twice in this trip!! Is it our eyes kena blinded by ghost or what? There wasn't any cloth material in the bathroom except my PJ's and how could we not SEE it?

This forgetfulness had reached its' boiling point. I couldn't understand how this could have happened and I kept telling my bestie, this is a very annoying feeling and I hate myself so much!! But she was comforting me "It's ok. It was in my friend's home. U are lucky u didn't left anything behind the motel, which u can't even have it back anymore!!" It's true but I still feel dissatisfaction inside me.

This is the third drama already!!!

After all that scenes, there shouldn't be anymore right? right? I should be extra careful until I fly back to Oz, right right??!!

When I was in the plane, I tried to put all the stuff that I have in my luggage into my mind. It get me started with lots of thinking here and there. Deng!! How come I didn't see my hairband? The last I saw it was in Cotton On when I asked my bestie to make the payment on behalf of me.

As soon as I landed, got my simcard, I texted her if she could see it anywhere. Well, she said she can't. So which mean, either the cashier didnt bag it or was it one of us drop it while shopping. I don't have a clue at all coz I didn't check after my bestie make the payment.

Yeah, four freaking dramas in 14 days! How much could you afford to have so many scenes?!!? Totally a forgetful drama queen. *Peace wtfwtf!

But quietly in my heart I still wanna be thankful, there isn't any worst scenes like forget my passport or forget my flight!! wtf!!

P/S : Many thanks to my bestie, that I have to annoy her to post the stuff I forget except the simcard and maybe the hairband itself.

Since I choke you with many words, some piccies to ease your throat :D

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Brenda said...

what's wrong with you? seriously, you should get up from bed and keep your simcard safe! so you paid for a hairband that you will never own? sigh.