10 May 2008

I baked CheeseCake (updated)

with my sister.

Astonish, I baked? ;) It is a success. Edible. Nono..far away that edible, FABULOUSSS!!

Ingredients for CheeseCake.

900 gram of cheese
4 eggs (chicken eggs...not duck eggs :D)
200 gram of custard sugar (actually normal sugar for your coffee and tea will do)
1 tablespoon of vanilla icing


It's very easy to make CheeseCake. ( I should post this up earlier, in conjunction of Mother's Day, hope it's not to late - ooppss,very late! for Father's Day then ;) )

So first and foremost, is to defrost the Cheese. Then beat the cheese until smooth before adding the eggs one at a time. Remember, one at a time, if not the egg and cheese wouldn't mix well together.

Important note: Please ensure the beating bowl is dried. Avoid wetness. Wipe completely dry after washing.

Only cheese

As more eggs mix with cheese, it become more and more creamier, til the fourth egg, you'd see the difference from the first egg

First egg

Until the fourth egg

Creamy & smooth

Then the sugar, little by little.

Finally, the vanilla icing.

In order to prevent the CheeseCake to stick on the transparent bowl, spread some oil around it.

Before baking the half-way to be CheeseCake form, you need to have another bowl underneath the CheeseCake filled with hot water about 3cm.

Important note : Without the hot water, your CheeseCake will hangus (burnt)

Hot water underneath the cheese cake bowl

Cheese Cake above the hot water

Baked at 180 degree for 40 minutes. Leave to become cold. Store in the refrigerator at least 3hours or a day before consuming. YAHOO!! You've made it.


Why so small piece? You wanna know the result? Start baking your own one!

The cheese cake is simple and easy. All you need is patient. :)) Anyway, this prove that I'm more than a babbler, I don't just go babbling at my blog. Hehehe!! If you guys did try it out, let me know your outcome okay?

.Happy baking sekalian.

*Update* Sorry I forget to mention that you need to pre-heat your oven first before baking.


Mei Wah said...

hey clara,

thank u for ur recipe! i don't have oven, this recipe helps alot!!! (^___^) i will try this at home...

sooclara said...

mei wah!!

i re-read my post, i really thought that i mislead my readers.. haha! scare me i thought i deliver wrong info. yes, u are very right..too excited de... ><